0% Interest Financing

No downpayment, no interest payments on appproved credit for up to 6 months.

The biggest concern most people have when deciding on getting a hair transplant with NeoGraft is the price. Hair transplants aren’t considered cheap, and can range in price from $4,000-$20,000.

The total cost of your personal procedure typically depends on how many grafts you’ll need. There are a couple variables to consider when determining how much NeoGraft will cost. These include:

  • The cost of each hair graft.

  • How many hair grafts you will need: People who need to cover a larger area of thinning hair will need more hair grafts than those thinning in smaller areas.

Traditional strip hair transplants are less expensive than receiving a hair transplant using FUE transplants. This old-school method of hair transplant surgery may cost less, but comes with a price to pay. Along with a lower price, patients can also expect longer recovery times…and an unsightly linear scar in the donor area.

Neo Aesthetics Patient Financing

At Neo Aesthetics, we understand not everyone has thousands of dollars to throw down on hair transplant surgery. We also understand that it’s an extremely important procedure that can positively change a person’s life. This is exactly why we’ve made it possible for everyone who wishes to have a hair transplant to do so.

We’ve teamed up with CreditCare, a health-care credit card made the health and wellness needs of you, your family, and even your pets. CreditCare is different than a regular credit card. You can pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses that aren’t typically covered by health insurance. Whether you’re coming to Neo Aesthetics for a hair transplant, eyebrow restoration, beard restoration, burn scar repair, or want to repair a cleft-lip scar, CreditCare has got you covered.

CreditCare makes it easy for you to get the hair transplant you desire, without having to wait months to save the money to do so. For those interested in receiving a NeoGraft hair transplant at Neo Aesthetics, CreditCare makes it possible for you to do so…without any delay.

Patients who qualify can still receive a NeoGraft hair transplant, even if they don’t have all the money up front to do so. Interest-free financing options are available through CreditCare for up to 6 months…with zero down-payment. There are also other financing options available, where patients may choose a fixed monthly payment for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months at 14.9% APR.

Once you’re determined eligible for a credit line through CreditCare, you can use it at any of the over 200,000 health care providers across the country that accept it. You can use CreditCare here at Neo Aesthetics for your hair restoration needs, as well as at numerous cosmetic surgeon offices, dermatologists, dentists, vision centers, weight loss centers, and more.

For those interested, credit with CreditCare can be used for multiple procedures at one time. This means that if you qualify for a high enough credit limit, you can come in for hair restoration at Neo Aesthetics and also get different procedure done the same week.

Whether you’re looking to restore your smile or vision, get surgery for a more “youthful appearance”, or visit a weight loss center to lose that last stubborn 50 pounds, credit with CreditCare will allow you to do so.

CreditCare makes it easy to make payments, view balances, and update your account. Accounts are easily managed online from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home computer.

At Neo Aesthetics, we believe everyone should have access to the treatments they desire. We are here to help patients feel good about themselves again, regardless if they’ve got the money up front to cover their hair transplant procedure. CreditCare makes this possible for patients at Neo Aesthetics who want to improve their appearance with a hair transplant, bald spot restoration and repair, eyebrow restoration and repair, beard restoration, and cleft lip scar repair.

You’ll find applying for CreditCare is easy and can be completed in just a few simple steps. Once you’re approved, you can begin to prepare for the life-changing results that accompany a hair transplant surgery. After you’re approved through CreditCare, you can schedule your appointment for any of your hair restoration needs at Neo Aesthetics immediately.

To get started and approved in less than 5 minutes, apply now. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon.