NeoGraft® Is The Hair Restoration Technique For The Modern Age

Anyone considering a hair transplant needs to know about NeoGraft. This is the 21st-century hair restoration technique for modern-day men and women looking to restore hair loss or thinning. NeoGraft uses the micro follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, and is an instrument that is basically an extension of the surgeon’s hand. This means improved accuracy and speed during the entire procedure.

There are several hair transplant facilities that still use the strip method of hair restoration. At Neo Aesthetics however, we believe using the latest technology can offer not only a better experience, but a more beautiful head of thicker, natural-looking hair. We’ve found the FUE technique using NeoGraft to be far more beneficial than traditional strip methods. Not only does it offer more natural-looking results, but won’t leave the linear scar traditional hair transplants are known for.

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What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is a minimally-invasive hair transplant technique that offers a solution to your thinning hair or hair loss needs. NeoGraft offers a way to get the head of hair you deserve, with little to no discomfort whatsoever.

The NeoGraft FUE procedure is something many are choosing as an alternative to traditional hair transplant techniques. The advantages of NeoGraft include:

  • A minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure that leaves patients with a thicker, fuller head of hair, without any stiches or staples
  • A natural-looking hairline without a linear scar
  • A quick recovery period, where patients can return to their every day activities after only a couple of days
  • Very little or any discomfort, as there is no scalpel involved in the procedure

How Does NeoGraft Work?

For men and women looking to restore thinning hair or hair loss, NeoGraft is something that takes the FUE technique one step further. When FUE is performed with NeoGraft, very small grafts of 1-4 hairs are harvested from an area of the head where there is more growth. These grafts are then transplanted to the area of the head where there is hair loss or the presence of thinning hair.

When FUE is done using NeoGraft, the NeoGraft mechanism rotates lightly around the follicular unit, gently creating a graft. Once the graft is created, the NeoGraft device then extracts the graft with a measured, mild suction. After the graft is extracted, it is placed in a sterilized container where it is kept until harvesting of remaining hair follicles is complete.

When the necessary amount of hair follicles have been extracted, they are inserted into the part of the scalp where there is hair loss or thinning hair. NeoGraft allows for exact precision and creates the highest-quality grafts of any hair transplant surgery. When the procedure is finished, hair grafts will soon assimilate with the scalp and begin to grow after the transplant is complete.

Why Should You Choose NeoGraft?

NeoGraft uses the latest technology in hair transplants. Men and women who are seeking more self-confidence with a thicker, fuller head of hair, will find that NeoGraft is one of the best options on the market. This outpatient procedure is quick and minimally-invasive, taking place in our state-of-art facility by professionally-trained, certified medical physicians. Once the hair graft has taken place, NeoGraft employs pneumatic pressure to gently extract the graft without causing any damage.

What to Expect When Getting a NeoGraft Hair Transplant at Neo Aesthetics

At Neo Aesthetics, we understand what it can be like to live with thinning hair and hair loss. From the moment you in the door, you’ll be made to feel welcomed. Getting a hair transplant is something to be excited about. It can after all, give you the confidence you deserve…and the new lease on life you desire.

The whole NeoGraft procedure is basically broken down into two separate components. The first part of the procedure involves harvesting hair follicles, and the second involves placing these hair follicles into the thinning or balding areas on the head.


You’ll receive a local anesthetic before the procedure begins. This is typically done on the back of the scalp at the “donor site.” Individual hair follicles clusters (1-5 hairs) are then extracted using FUE extraction. During the process, patients will lie face-down for a couple hours (or as long as it takes for desired amount of hair to be extracted), and are invited to relax, watch a movie, or even take a short nap while hair follicles are being extracted.

After anesthetic has been administered (typically in the back of the scalp), you’ll have time to use the restroom, eat, relax, and enjoy yourself before the second part of the procedure takes place. We’ve got big-screen TVs, PlayStations, X-Box, and more for your enjoyment while you’re here.


Welcome to the moment where you’ll begin to receive a new head of hair. Once patients are ready for the second part of the procedure, they’ll again receive a local anesthetic, this time where harvested hair follicles will be placed. Those receiving treatment will sit upright while hair follicles are placed in the pattern discussed with the doctor during the initial consultation.

The length of time this takes is determined by how much hair is being transplanted. During this part of the procedure, you’ll again be welcomed to watch a movie, use your smartphone to catch up on social media, or read a book or magazine.


While traditional strip-method hair transplants can take weeks to recovery from, NeoGraft transplants using FUE are different. A hair transplant with NeoGraft typically only takes 2-3 days. You can literally be back to work or studying at school in just a few short days after your procedure is complete. In a week you’ll be back to crushing your CrossFit workout or getting your game on with friends.

In as little as 7-10 days, your transplanted hair is safely rooted under the scalp. The hair taken from the donor site will also have grown back enough to cover up any evidence that the transplant ever took place.

In less than two weeks after your procedure, you’ll be back living life as normal. Only now with the head of hair you desire…and the increased sense of self-confidence that comes with it.

Are You a Good Candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

If you’re one of the countless men or women that experience thinning hair on the sides or top of the head, NeoGraft could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Tired of using products that don’t offer the results you’re seeking? NeoGraft can help.

NeoGraft is best suited for men and women in good health who are experiencing moderate hair loss. It’s best for those who have an adequate amount of donor hair on the back of the scalp that can be transplanted to the desired areas.

People with thicker hair in donor areas will have the most favorable results using NeoGraft. Basically, thicker and fuller hair in the donor site will present a thicker, fuller end result. The thicker a person’s hair, the less grafts it will take to cover the desired areas. Those with thinner hair will still see results, but it will take more grafts to cover the recipient area.

When choosing NeoGraft, it’s also important to maintain realistic cosmetic goals. The procedure will give you a fuller head of hair, but isn’t going to give you the head of hair you had when you were in your teens.

NeoGraft won’t work for men who are completely bald. It is also not a good option for men who don’t have enough hair left at the donor site to cover balding or thinning areas. Those with very thin hair of which there is little left unfortunately, do not make good candidates for the NeoGraft procedure.